My name is Nieke and I am 26 year old graphic/digital designer based in London fangirl with a passion for video and costuming. Doing some photography in my free time, a parttime geek, former pro skier and an expert in making Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad shorts. (obviously a very useful skill in life) I finished a degree in Communication & Media Design in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2013.

I’ve been working as a graphic/digital designer for almost 3 years and am currently working for the Creative Partnership, where I get to achieve my dream of combining film with design. Another big passion of mine is cosplay. I’ve recently started making costumes for others, next to making them for myself and have opened an Etsy shop. This is mainly a hobby that got slightly out of hand, but I love everything that came along with it.

Feel free to get in touch or check my LinkedIn page. For any other queries send an email to

Illustration by: Lydia Croft