BOOM. New portfolio including blog is finally online, yes that took a while. I’ve been slacking on both the blogging and design front, so it all needed a make-over and something new. I’m planning to use this blog more often for general rants, cosplay tutorials, event reviews and whatever I feel like really. I used to do a lot of photography and fashion and want to get back in to it.

I miss blogging! So hopefully I will get back to it and keep you up to date about my life, including a lot of cosplay tutorials and progress blogs. It’s all still a bit of a work in progress but as I wanted to get this online as soon as I could, little improvements will be made on the run.


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  1. Lauren says:

    I’m bored at work but the rubbish computers and internet at work haven’t blocked your site :D

    (it vaguely works but then again I don’t think this version of internet explorer has been updated since 2006)

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