On Sunday night Joyce and me went to the Game of Thrones exhibition in London. Where we decided to dress up as a modern day Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lanniser (me) I tried to make as many photos of all the costumes as I could, unfortunately not all the costumes I hoped to see where there, but I still really enjoyed seeing the actual costumes up close.

They really tried to make it in an interactive experience, with a highlight of being able to travel up the wall with an Oculus Rift. My first 4D experience, which felt a little bit like a roller coaster ride. And all though I expected a little more of the exhibition, I’m still very glad I went!

So I have a little showcase of the photos I’ve made for you guys. If you’d like to see any detailed photos or more of a certain costume, I have some more and I can always send them through to any of you. So just leave a comment or send an email.









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  1. Nicole says:

    I went to the exhibition here in The Netherlands last year.
    It is cool to see the costumes and probs up close.
    I love the your modern twist on the Cersei costume, :)

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