I’ve completely dropped blogging but really want to pick this up again, so here I am. I’ve had quite a few questions about how I made Black Widow so I thought I’d show you guys my progress. I’m setting up a post about how I research and prepare project so that will come later on. For a little peak in to my Pinterest album, go over here.

Some of you might have already seen the result but I’m starting at the absolute beginning.




1. The fabrics and materials

Starting out with the materials. For the body suit I’ve used a patterned leather which I bought from a friend who has quite a bit of leftovers from a previous project. The plain black is a neoprene. I’ve bought some standard wedge boots which I modded, and a lot of piping, binding, zippers, EL wire, gun, webbing, sintra, foam, reflective tape, a fitting wig and I could go on for a while.


2. Patterning

As a base I used Yaya Han’s bodysuit pattern. Which I modded from around 14 pattern pieces to 36. The Age of Ultron suit has a lot of panels and I wanted to be true to that design. I started modding and cutting out all the pieces. It was a bit of a puzzle, especially as I barely had enough leather but it turned out in the end.




3. The EL wire

Before sewing it all together, we get to the EL wire, which goes in her arms and over the full body. I purchased 2x 3m sewable EL wire and 2x 30cm strips for the arms. This means I will need 3 battery packs, two on the bottom, so in the boots, another that will be connected to the arm pieces and will be on my belt. This wire has a little strip like piping does, so you can sew it in between 2 fabrics. So this is what I did for my suit, I was worried sewing it on top of the suit would look messy. The one big problem with this is, whenever you sew slightly in to the wire there is a possibility of it breaking. (I speak of experience) I ended up having to take one of the strips out entirely because I sewed straight through it and the light just stopped working in the middle of it. So be super careful when using this method!

4. Sewing

This is one of my first experiences with leather. And don’t get me wrong, I love it, it smells amazing, it looks great but my sewing machine didn’t like it. At all. I have a Singer Talent which I’ve always loved. But it doesn’t like leather at all. This was the main struggle I had. Plus the piping I got (leather too) had such a short tail, I had to keep on sewing it to one side of the fabric before connecting the two. Definitely not ordering that one again. Connecting 36 panels plus piping and EL wire doesn’t guarentee stress-free sewing.





5. Belt + accessoires

The belt parts were tricky, I thought about making these myself but didn’t think they would give the desired effect. I looked for a UK based 3D printing company and found Chompworks who helped me out with the files and printed them for me. I did some cleaning up and painting myself and made the belt and leg holster. One of the highlights, my phone fits in to the biggest case, super useful!

The gun holster is bought on eBay, unfortunately it’s unlisted so I can’t find it anymore. The gun is a bb gun which can be found here.


6. Bracers 

As if it’s not enough, Black Widow’s bracers light up too. But as I decided I didn’t want to struggle anymore with EL wire I decided to go with reflective tape. The Widow bites are casted in resin. I made the shapes in Milliput and made a cast of these, to afterwards cast them in black resin so painting wasn’t necessary anymore. The red parts are made from sintra and bits of leather on the ends. There’s little parts of foam on the ends that function for the part over the glove.





7. Batons

The batons were a bit of a last minute thought. I thought I wouldn’t get them done in time but then saw something in a general supermarkt that worked very well. You might remember the bubble wands you used to get? The multi coloured ones with soap in it, that’s right, I used the top of those. I ordered small torches to attach to the bottom and used foam for the black parts. I used frosting spray to make the light shine through a little better but am fairly pleased with how this turned out. Plus it only cost me about 12 pounds in total.


8. Boots

The boots are bought as general wedge boots. I cut out a part on the top and re-hemmed this. I bought webbing and painted the white stripe on the middle plus attached the buckle. Which was then glued on to the boot. The sides are attached with the same material as used in the suit to make it cohesive.


Oh and for those of you wondering! My wig is bought from Wigisfashion. For any more question, do drop me a note in the comments, or on my page! Hope this helped and let me know if you’d like to see this of any more costume. For more photos of the result, head over to the album on my Facebook page. I will continue to update and improve this costume as there is still little bits and pieces I am not completely happy about.

3 Responses to “Making of: Black Widow (Age of Ultron)”

  1. Charlie says:

    Wow that’s brilliant. I’m wanting to go as Black Widow for comic-con and this has been great seeing how you have managed it. I’m trying to get the belt done but having some trouble as I’m wanting to use it to hold things. If you don’t mind how much did it cost to get the belt made.

    This has helped me to finish off how to finish my costume off.

    • BeyondBelieving says:

      I’m so sorry for the late reply! But I think the total of the 3D prints cost me 45 pounds. I’m so glad this helped you, best of luck with finishing the costume!!

  2. Joanne says:

    Awesome job! One of the best sets of batons I’ve seen! I decided to use bubble wands as well but I am stuck trying to find a light source that’s simple and that will fit. What type of torch did you use? To keep it really simple I have used glow Sticks but they have to be replaced every time you wear the costume. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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