I’ve been asked a fair bit now where I got all my pieces for Harley. So to avoid answering these all seperatly. I’m writing up a blog for all of you! Step by step, I’ll be telling you where I got my pieces or how I made them. Feel free to drop me a message or comment with any more questions. But here we go.


The shorts were the part of Harley’s costume I wanted to make from the start. I wanted actual sequins and for them to be comfortable. I have a fairly big bum from doing a lot of sports and was worried about ordered shorts not fitting properly. I lined the shorts with spandex and started getting so much questions I have now made over 35 shorts and sell these in my Etsy shop.

The shirt was another piece I just wasn’t happy with to buy. The font/style of “Daddy’s Little Monster” just didn’t seem to be right anywhere. I designed the lettering myself and bought a white top, fabric medium and acrylics worked great for the red and blue parts of the t-shirts. And transfer paper works great to get the lettering on. A few adjustments for the rips in the shirt and the neck. And voila!

This one is easy… My jacket has been bought on EMP Merchandising. It was the jacket I thought looked most accurate. The lettering looks great so does the fabric, definitely comfortable too.

My shoes are from eBay. And all though I feel like they might be a little to low, I’m very pleased with them. And for the tights, a pair of net tights will do great. Make sure the net isn’t to big.



Necklace, spike wristbands, belt, rings and earrings
Both the necklace and wristbands are purchased on eBay. Simply type in what you’re looking for, they’re everywhere. I would like to replace my necklace with a gold belt and the spike bracelets to be actual cuffs but they look great.

The rings and earrings are a collective of pieces bought are bought in multiple shops which I’ve found over a few months. Look for a lot of gold


Another piece of the costume I decided to design myself after not being able to find the right designs. I also wanted to save myself having to draw them on piece by piece every time I wear the costume. (the designs are for sale on my Etsy) These are then printed on tattoo paper, which you can buy in art stores or Amazon, and then all individually put on. Maybe not the easiest way but it turn out nicer.

The is made from a WigisFashion lacefront white blonde wig which I already owned. This one has been dyed and styled into Harley’s style. It took a few go’s to get it the way I wanted and even though it’s still an ongoing progress I’m happy with how it turned out.

The bat was made with some help of my good friend Daisy’s dad. The base is made out of a black of balsa wood which was sanded down (with a belt sander) to the shape of a bat. Meaning it’s completely con save! Balsa wood weighs barely anything which make it easier carrying around too.

The lettering has all been done by hand with sharpies. (blue, red and black) This has then been layered with plasticote to get a better shine and the lettering to stay on. The bottom of the bat has been wrapped with sports tape which has been weathered afterwards.
The make-up is practise. I already owned a lot of the colours Harley uses. I bought a “lightener” to mix with my foundation to achieve her clown-like white skin colour, which works amazing for me as I am very pale. (I use the lightest shade of foundation available) A red lipstick, light blue and pink eyeliner and a good eyeliner or pencil to draw on the heart and “Rotten”. I decided not to use the tattoo paper for these as it doesn’t mix well with make-up.

Watching tutorials on this really helps, so get over to Youtube and see how some make-up Youtubers and other cosplayers have tackled this.

Photo credit: Aperture PhotographyBig Guy Slim Photography, Gallagher Photography, Justine Louise Photography


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